Holland reports to Hanna RCMP

Cst. Stephanie Holland recently joined the Hanna RCMP detachment, arriving after a lengthier than normal stint at DEPOT.

Hollands path to DEPOT was longer than some officers as well as she said it took her “nine years of maturing” before deciding to pursue it.


“I’ve always had an interest,” she said.

After attending Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, her home town, she had originally thought to be a teacher, however ended up working at a hospital for several years instead.

She applied for DEPOT and when she finally got her acceptance she was overjoyed.

“It’s a lot of hurry up and wait while you’re in the application process,” she explained.

“The RCMP would ask different things from you, you would submit them and then sometimes you woudn’t hear back for months,” she explained.

However her waiting was not over, as COVID-19 hit Canada soon after she arrived in DEPOT on March 1, 2020, sending her home for six-months just three weeks into the program.

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“When I arrived back at the end of September we had to quarantine for two-weeks,” she said.

The curriculum was different too, with a lot of working out and going on walks.

“I would clock about 25kms a day,” she recalled.

That, with wearing masks all day, even when working out, made the experience different than for past troops, with even the social aspects gone as they were not allowed to intermingle with other troops.

“The best part of DEPOT was every Friday at 4:30 p.m., realizing that you survived another week and you had two days to recharge your batteries,” she said.

A year and two weeks after she arrived at DEPOT the first time, Holland graduated from DEPOT, and was assigned to Hanna.

“Alberta was my first choice for a province,” she explained, noting that while she was an east-coast girl, the Maritimes was not an option for their troop.

“My first experience with Hanna was with my best friend who came down from Edmonton,” she recalled.

“I come from a city of 300,000 people in Halifax, so this has been a huge adjustment so far for me,” she said.

“I drove from the airport at 10 p.m. and have never driven on such dark, long roads before.”

“It was an eye-opening experience for me. I’m so used to ambient light from the city.”

Having been restricted due to COVID Holland has yet to meet many people in the community, but said so far her coworkers have been great.

“I know I am very lucky to be working with the officers here at Hanna,” she said.

Holland, who loves soccer, is also interested in travelling and is looking forward to getting to know the community and would love to get involved with children in the community.

“I know how important it is to keep busy and have goals to work towards after school hours so I would like to collaborate with the youth and see if we can come up with anything together,” she noted.

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