Vulcan resident sets up dinosaur theme in yard for Halloween

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A Vulcan resident has set up a mini dinosaur world outside his First Street South house.

Walking into the yard on Halloween you will be surrounded by dinosaurs in their green habitat on projector screens.

“The story line is basically a live-action dinosaur theme park on Halloween,” Zimmer said.

This is the fourth year Zimmer has set up a display for Halloween, but it’s the first time he’s done a dinosaur theme.

In previous years he has done a skeleton theme, but as the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie was recently released, he thought to go with a dinosaur theme this year.

“Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?” he asked.

Zimmer has included an educational component on two smaller screens, which play cartoons to educate kids on different types of dinosaurs. They learn what time period different dinosaurs are from, what they looked like, what they ate and where they lived.

“It’s definitely entertaining, the kids will giggle at it,” he said. “Kids can learn something, but they don’t realize they are learning. It’s designed to be very fun and entertaining and every two minutes it cycles to a new dinosaur.”


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Zimmer controls the set up on his phone.

“This is a fully digital and automated show,” he said. “I created a system where I can run everything from my phone.”

Even if it snows or rains on Halloween, Zimmer said his equipment will be fine.

“I am using components that are water and air tight,” he said. “It could start pouring rain right now and it won’t be an issue.”

Zimmer said he does this every year for the children as well as for himself.

“It’s something really fun, and (my wife and I) have fallen in love with the town, it’s our way of giving back,” he said. “I wanted to go big this year, dinosaur big. I wanted to take it up a notch.”

Children will also be given candy and different dinosaur themed toys and puzzles when they leave.

To take in Zimmer’s dinosaur theme, go to 502 First St. S.

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