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The Liberal Government’s new Tax proposals are so discouraging. They will make it virtually impossible to benefit from being an entrepreneur. It does NOT affect large corporations like (bailed out) Bombardier, but rather small businesses and family farms, gouging them with a 71% tax. This tax unjustly penalizes the people who feed our economy by building businesses and create employment.

Canadian doctors run their clinics like small businesses without any support from the government. If the proposed taxation changes are passed, Canada’s doctors will be forced to downsize offices and lay off employees. There are already millions of patients in Canada without a family doctor. Medical clinics struggle to stay afloat. These tax changes could encourage doctors to choose other countries to practice in. How do small communities attract doctors?

Incorporated farmers and ranchers face huge changes and challenges as well. If a retiring farmer sells to his children, he will pay three times the tax than selling to a neighbor. Selling to family may result in being taxed as a dividend instead of a capital gain. The use of corporate funds to pay for the farm purchase could result in taxable dividends to the purchaser. Why doesn’t the government want multi-generational farms to succeed?

Many small businesses are run by women. Women provide childcare as their part of their family businesses. Why would a feminist PM punish women?

Don’t think that you won’t be affected! When businesses fail, people lose jobs. When medical clinics tighten their belts, patients will feel the pinch. These tax proposals affect everyone.

The government consultation period just happened to land during summer and harvest. It ends on October 2. This time frame is NOT sufficient for addressing these important issues.

Things you can do:

  1. Sign the petition to ask for an extension of consultation
  2. Find and share petitions on facebook.
  3. Contact Bill Marneau, Minister of Finance at or his office at office 613-992-1377. Calling more than once is even more effective.
  4. Empower your MP by sharing your concerns. John Barlow 403-553-3093, 613-995-8471 or
  5. Talk to your accountant
  6. Talk to other people. Rachael Harder, Lethbridge MP, said : “Don’t underestimate your power of dialogue. Be heard. Contribute to the narrative”.


Sincerely, Shannon Ulrich 



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